Your way to us ...

The Upstalsboom Seehotel is centrally and quietly located across from the new lighthouse. Close to the pedestrian zone and the train station, and only approx. 200 m away from the beach promenade.

… by car

… over Emden

 A31 is Emden/Borkumkai. From there to Borkum, it takes 2 h with the ferry and 1 h with the catamaran.

… over Eemshaven (NL)

 A3, A50 and A28 Arnheim – Zwolle – Groningen and N28 and N46 to Eemshaven. It takes 1 h with the ferry from Borkumlijn-port to Borkum. More information about arrival/departure times at Emden/Eemshaven.

 … with the car on the island

 There are traffic restrictions on the island in the local area during high seasons. You will receive further information in the Seehotel. The car can be parked in front of the hotel for unloading and loading purposes, afterwards however, it has to be parked in a regular parking place. When coming from the port, follow Reedestraße until you reach Deichstraße. From there on onwards, keep going to the Inselbahnhof (train station). Pass the train station and turn left into Strandstraße. Now you are heading straight for your hotel.

… without a car on the island:

Arriving at the ferry wharf, you then take the island train or the bus. The ride is included in the ferry ticket and ends at Inselbahnhof (train station) . Cross the train station and then turn left at the Inselapotheke (pharmacy) into the „Alten Postweg“. The walk around the new lighthouse and head straight for your hotel.

… by train

InterRegio, metro, regional train via Emden main station or directly to Emden outer port / Borkumkai. Alternatively, from Emden main station by bus or taxi to the Emden's outer harbor. For more information or timetables, please contact the Deutsche Bahn.

… by ferry (AG EMS):

The ferry between the mainland and Borkum runs from Emden or Eemshaven NL. For more information on the Internet, or by phone: +49 (0)180-5180182 (chargeable). If arriving by car, please allow at least ½ hr. for the loading of luggage and for the delivery of the car at the parking rental.

… parking spots on the island:

Guarded parking spaces/garage. In order to bring the car to the island, an automotive seat reservation for the return trip is needed: Reederei AG "EMS"

… by plane from Emden (OFD):

Timetables and further information on the Internet or by calling +49 (0)4921-8992-0. Duration of the flight to Borkum about 15 minutes.